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In theory at least, sports and politics should be like oil and water. In the real world however, the two doth mix, and often with disastrous results.

Indian basketball hasn’t been immune from this phenomenon, with the ‘Congress faction‘ currently at the helm in the Basketball Federation of India (BFI).

But while politicians holding senior administrative posts in India’s National Sports Federations is nothing new, BFI seems to be getting uniquely affected.

It is almost as if the key national political trends over the last decade are getting identically mirrored within BFI’s upper echelons.

Stranger Things Indian Basketball Indian Politics

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Sounds far-fetched and unbelievable?

Then read on to discover the top 10 similarities between the current ruling regimes in Indian basketball and Indian politics….

#10 Both overthrew dynastic rivals in 2014-15

After two back to back terms of UPA rule that were plagued by accusations of the Government being remote controlled by the Gandhi family, the electorate firmly rejected the Congress for the BJP in the 2014 General Elections.

A year later, in 2015, a similar situation occurred with the Basketball Federation of India, when the erstwhile Roopam Sharma (wife of Late BFI Chief Harish Sharma, who came to power in 2012 riding on the back of a massive sympathy wave) was defeated by Karnataka’s K Govindaraj led faction.

#9 ‘Big Twos’ in both

The ongoing 2019-20 NBA Season is being hailed for having transitioned from ‘Big Threes’ to ‘Big Twos’, which has restored competitive balance to the League.

But ‘Big Twos’ are nothing new in India.

Whether it is the Modi-Shah combine in the NDA Government or the K Govindaraj-Chander Mukhi Sharma tandem in BFI, both Indian politics and Indian basketball seem blessed (or cursed?) with dynamic duos.

After all, you can’t clap with one hand no?

#8 Big promises but failure to deliver

The Modi led NDA government came to power on the promise of bringing black money back, and crediting 15 lakh rupees in the bank account of every Indian. As of 5pm this evening, I am still waiting for the “Money Credited to your account” SMS from ICICI Bank.

Meanwhile, BFI’s newly appointed President and Secretary General duo too weren’t far behind in making their own big ticket announcement: that of launching much awaited Pro Basketball Leagues for men and women.

But in recent months, the BFI has completely backtracked on its promise to start Pro Leagues. It has instead passed the buck onto the players, claiming that “they are not talented enough” to merit a commercially viable Pro League.

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Never forget that for every @adamsilvernba there is also a Chander Mukhi Sharma. East or West, #BFILogic is always best. #YinYang #DayandNight #LightAndDarkness #MondayMusings Also, I'm glad to see the #DearBFI hashtag starting to be used by other Indian basketball pages. READ⬇⬇⬇ #Repost @indianbasketballteam • • • • • • Using the hashtag #DearBFI (From @ekalavyas ) You guys saying you will not start the league until you we have the talented players in India. Where does the top players will come from when we don't have any league to recognize them? There is no league, no academy in India for our women players and then they will try hard to get the opportunity in Foreign leagues and many will not succeed in that. If they regularly play then only they will be good and talented right. Only the National Championship or Junior National Championship is enough for our players? If you are not going to start the league then what's the use to say that in next 3 months we will start a league for players in India 6 months back? What's the solution for this one? PC & info: Hoopistani(Twitter) @kiren.rijiju #IndiaBasketball

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#7 Mainstream media biased in both

Mainstream media is a common punching bag for most of us, and it is no different when it comes to reportage on Indian political or sporting events. It is a common refrain that most news channels have turned into propanganda machines for the ruling political dispensation. Interestingly, the same argument can also be made of media bias towards India’s ruling sport, i.e. cricket, at the cost of ignoring many other sports!

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I woke up this morning to find this staring out at me from the front page of a prominent mainstream newspaper that boasts of one of the largest circulations in India. Bang on the front page, the very first article is on cricket in Japan. I repeat CRICKET. IN. JAPAN. I want to make a couple of things very clear at the outset: 1) I am not against cricket. While ball remains #1 bae, I will never hate on any sport ever. #SportsIsLife 2) I'm not hating on this particular newspaper. That's why I blacked out the name of the paper. If anything, this particular daily faithfully covers every National Basketball Championship. So kudos to them for that. The point of this post is to raise the larger question against ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA on why there is such an extreme bias towards constantly covering one particular sport at the cost of all others. Take this particular front page article as an example. Yes, I get that on Sundays many newspapers carry "Special Features", but cricket in Japan really?? If this article had been about how Kabaddi/Kho Kho/Yoga are gaining popularity in Japan, I can totally understand, because these are sports/activities believed to have originated in India. But when mainstream media go out of their way to pander to a single target audience (cricket fans) simply because they believe it will sell more copies, then they fail to do their primary job: which is to act as an unbiased fourth pillar of democracy whose primary role is to serve as a guardian of truth, a means to inform citizenry and empower them with insightful and impactful knowledge that they can utilize in their daily lives. There are so many stories around Indian sports outside of cricket- both positive as well as negative. But instead of prioritising those, mainstream media seems to be hell bent on uplifting an already uplifted sport. Every four years when mainstream media starts pointing fingers at why India does not win medals in Olympics they should first start by pointing the finger at themselves.

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#6 Both voted back to power in 2019 using allegedly non-democratic means

Earlier this year, both the incumbent powers- NDA in Indian politics and the Govindaraj faction in Indian basketball, swept back to power virtually unopposed.

And both were accused by rivals of rigging the elections, whether through alleged tampering of VVPAT machines, or, in the case of BFI, suspending key state associations weeks before voting.

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In a significant turn of events, seven affiliated member associations of the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) seem to find their names missing from the list of affiliated units that will be voting in the next BFI General Body elections scheduled on 24th March. As per the "List of validly nominated candidates (Form 4)" uploaded on the BFI website (swipe 👉 right), it appears that 7 member units including arch rivals in the last elections, Maharashtra, as well as Jharkhand and five North Eastern states find their names missing from the voting members. We have learnt that these associations have been suspended because of a new policy that came into force last year, as per which any member unit that fails to send teams to a stipulated number of national events is liable to be suspended. In the case of Maharashtra, their suspension appears to be the outcome of a long standing technicality that hasn't been rectified. We are being told that ad hoc committees will be appointed to handle the day to day affairs of these suspended units. It is unclear at this stage whether and when the suspensions will be lifted. If these member associations are not allowed to vote, it very likely eases the chances of the current BFI dispensation led by K Govindaraj (President) and Chander Mukhi Sharma (Secretary General) continuing to stay at the helm of affairs for the next 4 years. [Editor's note/disclaimer: This is a developing story and we will keep updating this post as and when we get any new information.]

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#5 Both have failed to create jobs

India’s GDP of 4.5% in the second quarter of the 2019 Financial Year is its lowest since 2012-13. Unemployment is at a three year high, and the youth of the country are demanding jobs.

This dire situation is equally true when it comes to Indian basketball. In 2015, due to political in-fighting, Indian basketball’s chief financier IMG-Reliance froze all funds to BFI, which has crippled the growth of the game. This has in turn, denied hundreds of Indian basketball players and fans a chance to work as professionals in the sport, whether in on-court, or off-court capacities.

#4 Both want to shift the centre of power away from Delhi

When Modi came to power in 2014, he made it clear that he was a regional grassroots leader who didn’t belong to the established power corridors of Lutyen’s Delhi. BFI too seems to be taking a leaf out of Modi’s playbook by moving the centre of basketball activity to Bengaluru. In the last two years, Karnataka’s capital city has hosted all five of India’s FIBA allotted international tournaments.

#3 Both are trying to change the Constitution

Opponents argue that the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is the first step towards making India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. This can only happen, among other things, by amending the Constitution to remove/dilute the word ‘secular’ that is currently enshrined in the Preamble.

But while BJP/RSS forces are merely trying to change the Constitution, BFI actually achieved it in 2018, by retrospectively introducing a new rule according to which voting rights of all member units would be predicated on mandatory participation in at least two National Championships in a year, for two consecutive years. Legally speaking, retrospective changes to any law are generally frowned upon, and in this case, led to many of the North Eastern States abruptly losing their voting rights prior to the 2019 BFI General Body Elections.

#2 Both prefer international over domestic credibility

Whether it was the controversial decision of the Central Government to allow handpicked right leaning European Parliament leaders to “assess” the situation in Kashmir (instead of granting similar access to domestic opposition leaders), or BFI President K Govindaraj’s frequent endorsements by the international basketball body (FIBA), the ruling dispensations in both Indian politics and basketball seem to value international over domestic credibility.

#1 Future unpredictable for both

Whether it is the question of Modi Sarkaar‘s increasing right leaning tendencies getting balanced by a united centrist/leftist opposition, or the never ending question of when the Indian basketball community will have its own Pro League, the future of both Indian politics and basketball appears highly unpredictable.

The only thing we can say for certain is that there are stranger things in store for both!

Editorial Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and they do not necessarily represent the views of Ekalavyas.

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