*Submitted by Deepak Sharma*

What is basketball?

Is it just a game…..or something more than that……?
Is it a group of people chasing a ball, going for baskets or jumping around ….or is it a group of people putting aside religion, sex, colour…..and coming together as a team.
Is it a game where the powerful dominate on court or a game where an old wise coach controls things from the sidelines…..
Is it a game where rich guys go for costly Nike-Underarmor kicks or a game where it is not the money but the team jersey and the team name on it which really matters?
Is it a game where tall players like Shaq, Mutombo, Ibaka stamp their authority or small players like Iverson, Nate, Webb, Isaiah etch their names in the history of basketball….
Is it just a game of discipline and hard work or a game where a tattoo n street look doesn’t make you a criminal or uncivilized…..
Sometimes it is not just a game…..
It is a religion where you respect your coach as your father, teammates as your brother and sister….
It is a caste where a white cheers for a black/brown/yellow player….
It is a society that respects a player on the basis of his skills and game I.Q and not according to his financial status…..
It is a world where players come together to raise their team and not individualism……
But what actually is BASKETBALL……is it still just a game….

The call is yours… see ya…

Editor’s note: This ‘Crowdsourced’ series features the best of submissions from our readers. Minimal editorial interventions are made. 

Team Ekalavyas
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  1. Jabez 3 years ago

    #ballislove,… Speechless… What a wonderful poem @dpksharma.


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