Poonam Chaturvedi of Chhattisgarh towers over Maharashtra defenders at the 68th Senior National Basketball Championship. Image credits: Basketball Federation of India

Chennai, 22nd January 2018:  Day 6 of the 68th National Basketball Championship for Men and Women continued to see some fast and furious action in the first half.


The first women’s match of the day saw the hosts Tamil Nadu taken on West Bengal. The hosts put up a spectacular show to beat West Bengal. The final score was 84-50. The top scorer for Tamil Nadu was Srividhya V (jersey no 5) with 17 points and top scorer for West Bengal was Sukumoni (jersey no 9) with 10 points.
Quarter wise score – (24-10), (15-20), (30-13), (15-07).

The first men’s match of the day saw Kerala take on Chandigarh. A close match from the very first second saw Chandigarh come away with the victory. The final score at the end was 70-83. The top scorer for Chandigarh was Ravi Bhardwaj (jersey no 14) with 24 points while the top scorer for Kerala was Akhil AR (jersey no 7) with 15 points.
Quarter wise score – (24-19), (14-26), (18-12), (14-26)

The following women’s match saw Telangana take on Uttar Pradesh. This close contest saw Uttar Pradesh come away with the victory. The final score was 54-69. The top scorer for Uttar Pradesh was Preeti Kumar (no 10) with 15 points while the top scorer for Telangana was Manasa (no 10) also with 15 points.

Quarter wise score – (14-18), (17-20), (14-21), (09-10)


The next men’s game saw Gujarat VS Services. Services secured the victory over their opponents. The total score was 59-87. The top scorer for Services was Isaac Thomas (no 6) with 18 points and the top scorer for Gujarat was Kasi Ranjan (no 99) with 14 points.

Quarter wise score – (16-25), (17-28), (13-19), (13-15)


The following women’s match saw defending champions Kerala take on Delhi. Another superb performance saw the defending champions come away with another victory. The total score was 63-42. The top scorer for Kerala was Jeena PS (no 13) with 21 points and the top scorer for Delhi was their captain Raspreet Sindhu (no 6) with 24 points.

Quarter wise – (19-14), (25-14), (11-06), (08-08)


The next women’s game saw Maharashtra take on Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh secured a comfortable win over Maharashtra. The final score at the end was 61-90. The top scorer for Chhattisgarh their captain Anju Lakra (no 14) with 26 points. The top scorer for Maharashtra was Carina Menezes (no 23) with 18 points.

Quarter wise score – (10-26), (18-16), (26-33), (07-25)


The following men’s game saw Uttarakhand take on Punjab. This cracker of a contest went down to the last minute where Punjab picked up the victory. The final score was 68-70. The top scorer for Punjab was Jagdeep Singh (jersey no 15) with 16 points and the top scorer for Chhattisgarh was Yadwinder Singh (jersey no 10) with 22 points.

Quarter wise score – (13-17), (16-11), (20-18), (19-24)


The next game saw a young Karnataka Women’s team take on the Uttar Pradesh team who worked up their way through level 2 to reach the quarterfinals. Team Karnataka’s terrific game speed on both offensive and defensive ends left the opponents amazed. The first quarter started slowly for Karnataka where they were outscored by the U.P team 24-21 by the offensive expertise of the young guard Vaishnavi Yadav who ended up scoring 35 points. The following quarters saw Priyanka(24 points) demonstrating how good defence leads to better offence.


The following game saw an experienced Services Team dominate the Karnataka Men’s team. This match carried a lot of expectations as the Karnataka squad who cruised through the group stages without any defeat were facing a Services team who proved their way through Level 2 to reach the quarter-final stage and finally made it to the Semifinals. Services: Jairam (23 points), Joginder (15points), Narender(15points).

Karnataka: Arvind (25 points)


Day 6  Matches:


Game Type Category Level Group Winning Team Winning Team Pts Losing Team Losing Team Pts QaurteWise Pts Winning Team Top Scorers Losing Team top Scorers
Quarterfinals Women Kerala 79 Delhi 42 19-14, 25-14, 11-06, 08-08 Jeena – 21pts, Anjana – 15pts Raspreet – 24pts
Quarterfinals Women Chhattisgarh 90 Maharashtra 61 10-26, 18-16, 26-23, 07-25 Anju – 26 pts, poonam – 22pts, Sangeeta -13pts Carina – 18pts, Mugdha – 17pts
Quarterfinals Men Punjab 70 Uttrakhand 68 13-17, 16-11, 20-18, 19-24 Jagdeep -16pts, Gurwinder – 15pts Yadwinder – 22pts, Arjun – 18pts
Quarterfinals Men Indian Railways 103 Rajasthan 79 17-18, 29-32, 26-18, 31-11 Palpreet – 33pts, Gagandeep – 24pts, Rajkkal – 16pts Sharad – 21pts, Vinod – 15pts
PreQuartefinals Women T.N 84 West Bengal 50 24-10, 15-20, 30-13, 15-07 Srividhiya – 17pts, Sathiya – 16pts Sukurmoni – 10pts
PreQuartefinals Men Chandigarh 83 Kerala 70 24-19, 14-26, 18-12, 14-26 Ravi – 26pts, Amit – 21pts Akhil – 15pts, Rijas -13pts
PreQuartefinals Women U.P 69 Telangana 54 14-18, 17-20, 14-21, 09-10 Preeti – 15pts Manasa – 15pts
PreQuartefinals Men Services 87 Gujarat 59 16-25, 17-28, 13-19, 13-15 Isaac – 18pts, Jairam – 14pts Kasi – 14pts, Vivek -12pts
Quarterfinals Women Karnataka 78 U.P 63 21-24,18-12,23-17,16-10 Priyanka 24pts, Roshini 14pts Vaishnavi 35pts
Quarterfinals Men Services 90 Karnataka 70 19-17,17-25,20-27-14-21 Jairam 23pts, Narender 15pts, Joginder 15pts Arvind 25pts, Joseph 13pts
Team Ekalavyas
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