Rikin Pethani of Tamil Nadu with the jump shot. Image credits: Basketball Federation of India

Chennai, 17th January 2018:  68th National Basketball Championship for Men and Women kicked off on 17th January 2018 with Telangana Women’s team picking up the first win of the tournament.

The morning of day one, saw the Telangana Women’s team and Women’s team from Rajasthan competing against each other for the first match of the tournament with Telangana Women’s team securing a comfortable win over Rajasthan. The final score at the end of four quarters was 89-61.

The first Men’s match of the tournament saw Bihar taken Maharashtra with the Maharashtra team being victorious. The final score was 65-41. The second Men’s game saw Puducherry take on Telangana with the men from Telangana being victorious. The score was 22(P) – 54(T).

The next Men’s game saw West Bengal take in Uttar Pradesh. This tight game saw Uttar Pradesh win with the score being 76-88(UP).

The second game of the morning saw the Delhi Women’s team take on the Indian Railways Women’s Team with Indian Railways Team winning comfortably over Delhi with the final score being 89-39.

The next game was Punjab take on Rajasthan. Satnam Singh the captain of Punjab and the only Indian to make it to the NBA lead his team to a win over Rajasthan. The final score was 76-65.

This was followed by more Men’s action as Uttarakhand took on Odisha. The Uttarakhand beat Odisha with the final score being 85-62.

The next game saw Rajasthan Mens Team take on the Karnataka Mens Team. The Karnataka Mens team beat the Rajasthan Mens Team with the score being Karnataka 85 and Rajasthan 62.

The following Mens Game saw Andhra Pradesh take on Jammu & Kashmir. This nail-biting game saw Andhra Pradesh beat Jammu & Kashmir by just one point with the score being 76-75.

The final Men’s game before lunch saw Chhattisgarh taken on Goa with Chhattisgarh beat Goa. The final score was 49-32.

The final Women’s game before lunch saw Chhattisgarh taken on Karnataka where Karnataka beat Chhattisgarh 82-47.


At 5.00pm The 68th National Basketball Championship was inaugurated followed by a march past by the participating teams and a dance performance.

The first game after the inauguration Tamilnadu Mens team take on Haryana where the hosts comfortably beat Haryana. The final score was113-58.

The next Men’s game saw Chandigarh take on Jharkhand where Chandigarh beat Jharkhand. The final score was 75-37.

The final Women’s game saw hosts Tamilnadu take on Madhya Pradesh where the Tamilnadu team secured the victory. The final score was 68-48.

All the scores from Day 1 matches are below:


Category Level Group Winning Team Winning Team Pts Losing Team Losing Team Pts QaurteWise Pts Winning Team Top Scorers Losing Team top Scorers
Women 1 B Rajasthan 89 Telangana 61 26-16,17-17,28-11,18-17 A.S. Thampi 27pts, P. Divya 18pts, M. Gayathri Nisha Sharma 31pts
Women 1 B Indian Railways 89 Delhi 39 32-07,16-08,18-09,23-15 S. Menon 15pts, Navaneetha 16pts Pratima Singh 16pts
Men 2 F Maharashtra 65 Bihar 41 09-13,15-24, 10-19,07-09 Rohit Kumar 13 pts, Sanjeev Kumar 12pts Amit Gahlot 19pts, Rakesh 09pts
Men 1 B Punjab 76 Gujarat 65 22-12,10-10,20-27,24-16 Gurvinder Singh Gill 22pts, Satnam Singh 17pts, Rajveer Singh 14pts Harpal 17pts, M. Kasirajan 15 pts
Men 1 A Uttrakhand 85 Odisha 62 21-11, 27-16,21-17,16-18 Mohit Bhandari 20pts, Murali Krishna 17pts, Arjun Singh 15pts Suman Sahoo 19pts, Ashok Kumar Nayak 12pts
Men 2 D A.P 76 J&K 75 25-17, 21-15,18-19,12-24 T. Tammu Sandeep 20pts, J. Tharun Kumar 19pts Ranbir Singh 18, Iqbal 19pts
Men 2 D Pudducherry 22 Telangana 54 13-25,5-22,2-5,2-2 Sri Ganesh Patil 15pts, Prudhvi Reddy 8pts
Men 2 C Chhatissgarh 49 Goa 32 12-06,10-05,08-10,19-11 Pratham Singh 15pts, Krishna Pandy 10pts Flobert 14pts, Dilano 12pts
Men 2 F U.P 88 West Bengal 76 15-10,17-17,21-23,00-12 Sagar Joshi 28pts, Arshdeep Singh 16pts M. vivek 29pts, Vishal kumar 29pts
Men 1 A Karnataka 82 Rajasthan 65 17-22,14-25,18-19,16-16 Arvind 22pts, Anil Kumar 16pts Vinod Kumar 20pts, Sharad 19pts
Women 1 A Karnataka 82 Chhatissgarh 47 11-16,12-25,13-24,11-17 Bhandavya 31pts, Sanjana 16pts Seema 17pts
Men 2 E Chandigarh 75 Jharkhand 37 25-12,21-13,17-10,12-10 Ravi Bharadwaj 19pts, Amit Bisla 15pts Vishal Bagh 13pts
Men 2 F M.P 59 Assam 68 12-13,15-21,18-15,14-19 Pankaj Rathi 20pts Prakash Mishra 33pts
Men 1 B T.N 113 Haryana 58 27-19,38-06,27-17,21-16 Justin 22pts, Jeeva 15pts Ankit 18pts
Women 1 A T.N 68 M.P 48 20-13,22-12,14-12,12-11 Pushpa 14pts, Dharshni 14pts Nima 16pts
Team Ekalavyas
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