Kothrud, 31st December 2016: The 2nd edition of the Somans basketball tournament kicked off on Christmas day at the Paranjape Bharatiya Vidya Mandir basketball ground. The tournament was organized specifically for the under-25 age group of the men’s category. It was a district level tournament and had 16 teams participating this year. The tournament was structured in a league cum knockout format.

The tournament was inaugurated by Mrs. Aruna Shinde, Mrs. Sneha Balkavade, Mrs. Prabha Mantha, Mrs. Shimpi, Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Soman – all of the above being parents of the participating players.

The final of the tournament was played between Deccan Gymkhana and Baramati Basketball Club. Bryan Kavakure of Deccan Gymkhana was awarded the ‘Best Player of the tournament’. Shri. Shantaram Jadhav – an Arjuna awardee, Shri. Prithviraj Sutar, and Shri. Omkar Jadhav were chief guests for the closing ceremony of the event.

Teams in action at the 2nd Somans basketball tournament in Kothrud, Pune. Image credits: Somans Club

The results of the tournament



1) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 57 (Bryan Kavakure 20pts, Faizan Shaikh 18pts) bt Baramati Basketball Club 32 (Shreeprasad Pandhare 16pts, Yugvendra 14pts); Halftime score (39-11)


Evening Session – Semi-finals

1) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 73 (Bryan Kavakure 18pts, Faizan Sheikh 16pts) bt Akshay Bhosale Gymkhana 63 (Yousuf Sayyed 20pts, Ashish 15pts); Halftime score (31-25)

2) Baramati Basketball Club 44 (Shreeprasad Pandhare 18pts, Suhan Shetty 16pts) bt MPA 38 (Digvijay Bhosale 20pts, Saurav Taru 18pts); Halftime score (24-14)

Morning Session – Quarterfinals Session 2

1) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 70 (Bryan Kavakure 22pts, Faizan Shaikh 18pts) bt SWATS 60 (Suman Umesh 22pts, Akshay Joshi 14pts); Halftime score (32-29)

2) MPA 54 (Saurav Taru 15pts, Digvijay Bhosale 13pts) bt Sharp Shooters 38 (Rohit Pethe 16pts, Jeet Shah 14pts); Halftime score (28-14)


Evening Session – Quarterfinals Session 1

1) Akshay Bhosale Gymkhana 66 (Yousuf Sayyed 18pts, Nipun 10 pts) bt Mitra Mandal Club 44 (Ashwin 10 pts, Adwait 8 pts); Halftime score (40-20)

2) Baramati Basketball Club 58 (Aditya Dhumal 12 pts, Yogendra Naidu 8 pts) bt BNS 56 (Vrushabh Atawane 18 pts, Akshay Rane 16 pts); Halftime score (20-22)

Morning Session

1) BNS 44 (Akshay Rane 14pts, Ojas Doshi 7pts) bt Aviators 38 (Amol Sangan 14 pts, Kunal Dhamne 7pts); Halftime score (25-14)

2) Mitra Mandal Club 51 (Pinak Kaulgud 20pts, Majjid Rode 12pts) bt Pride Club Pune 35 (Bibin Bhandari 11pts, Adwait Utgikar 10pts); Halftime score (21-22)


Evening Session

1) SWATS 47 (Akshay Joshi 14pts, Suman Umesh 12pts) bt Modern College 43 (Nipun Chaudhary 21 pts, Rakesh Rengde 13 pts); Halftime score (28-26)

2) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 63 (Bryan Kavakure 14 pts, Dhaval Rathod 10 pts) bt Aviators 49 (Amol Sangal 20 pts, Suryadev Rawat 16 pts); Halftime score (32-16)

3) MPA 43 (Digvijay Bhosale 12 pts, Saurav Taru 10pts) bt Somans Club 34 (Gaurav Shinde 18pts, Shantanu Shimpi 10 pts) Halftime score (26-21)

4) Ideal 42 (Anish Rao 12 pts, Siddhant Chaudhary 10pts) bt Deccan Gymkhana ‘B’ 35 (Tejas Aru 16 pts, Shreeraj Surve 5 pts); Halftime score (32-17)

Morning Session

1) Akshay Bhosale Gymkhana 55 (Anirudh Pole 18pts, Nikhil Patil 12 pts) bt Sharp Shooters (Rohit Peth 20 pts, Dnyanesh 8pts); Halftime score (31-18)

2) BNS 51 (Vrusabh Atawane 16pts, Tanmay Karve 12 pts) bt MBB 48 (Pratik Ubhe 20pts, Mandar Kulkarni 10 pts); Halftime score (21-31)


Evening Session

1) Pride Club 64 (Akash Patil 17 pts, Rishav Tiwari 12 pts) bt MPA 48 (Digvijay Bhosale 16 pts, Akshay T 12 pts); Halftime score (40-21)

2) Mitra Mandal 58 (Pinak Raulgud 18 pts, Majjid Rode 10 pts) bt Somans Club 50 (Karan Gholap 23 pts, Sahil Shinde 11 pts); Halftime score (26-23)

3) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 54 (Bryan Kavakure 18pts, Rishi Shukla 16pts) bt BNS 20 (Chirayu Lahoti 8 pts, Vrushabh Atawane 4 pts); Halftime score (26-14)

4) Akshay Bhosale Gymkhana 45 (Yousuf Sayyed 16pts, Nikhil Patil 14pts) bt Ideal 32 (Mahesh Kale 12 pts, Anurag Ghate 6 pts); Halftime score (45-32)

Morning session

1) MPA 69 (Saurav Taru 29 pts, Digvijay Bhosale 17pts) bt Mitra Mandal Club 59 (Pinak Kaulgud 18pts, Ashwin Mehendale 18pts); Halftime score (29-25)

2) Mahesh Bal Bhavan 77 (Pratik Ubhe 31 pts, Pranav Ubhe 29pts) bt Aviators 76 (Vinay Kumar 22 pts, Amol 14 pts); Halftime score (22-34)

3) Sharp Shooters 60 (Rohit Peth 21 pts, Jeet 18 pts) bt Deccan Gymkhana ‘B’, 26 (Tejas Aru 8 pts, Shreeraj Surve 6 pts); Halftime score (25-16)


1) Baramati Basketball Club 70 (Yogendra Damle 15pts, Shree Prasad 20pts) bt SWATS 67 (Suman Umesh 29pts, Omkar Thombare 14pts); Halftime score (22-22)

2) Somans 58 (Karan Gholap 18pts, Sahil Shinde 8pts) bt Pride Club 45 (Utkarsh Rao 15pts, Bipin Bhandari 10pts); Halftime score (26-24)

3) Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ 67 (Bryan Kavakure 26 pts, Rishi Shukla 14 pts) bt MBB 61 (Pratik Ubhe 27 pts, Pranav Badke 12 pts); Halftime score (34-27)

4) Akshay Bhosale Gymkhana 62 (Sagar Mane 14pts, Yusuf Sayyed 13 pts) bt Deccan Gymkhana ‘B’ 43 (Siddhant Kenjale 14 pts, Tejas Aru 12 pts); Halftime score (32-23)

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