Bengaluru, 19th September, 2016: The Karnataka State Basketball Association is conducting the State Sub Junior (U-13) Championship, also referred to as the Mini Championship. The tournament is being held at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium courts. Player born on or after 01.01.2003 were considered eligible to play.

The tournament will also serve as selection trials for the state team, which will participate in the 43rd Mini National Championship, that is scheduled to be held in Hyderabad from October 1st to 7th, 2016.

The finals will be played at 4:30 PM on the 20th of September.

Pre Quarterfinals matches on 18/09/2016

VBC, Mandya 32 (Amarthya 10) bt VNSC 09 [HT 23-6]

BCBC 32 (Mayank 14) bt Young Bulls 13 (Aryan 6) [HT 16-7]

Appaiah BC 31 (Ashwij 8) bt IBBC 24 (Shaurya 8) [HT 14-12]

Quarterfinals Matches on 18/09/2016

Beagles BC 38 (Achintya 10) bt Merchants, Davangere 09 [HT 24-2]

Viveks SC 33 (Ruchit 12) bt Appaiah BC 25 (Mirza 7) [HT 15-6]

MCHS 47 (Vishak 13) bt VBC, Mandya 35 (Shashank 8) [HT 25-17]

YMMA 31 (Shiva 17) bt BCBC 14 (Saurav 5) [HT 16-11]


DYES, Vijayapura 19 (Shabana 8) bt Young Bulls 05 [HT 10-2]

Beagles BC 23 (Diya 6) bt Appaiah BC 13 (Shreya 7) [HT 14-7]

DYES Mandya 24 (Janani 14) bt Rajmahal BC 10 (Aishwarya 6) [HT 7-4]

Mounts Club 33 (Simran 14) bt CJC 08 [HT 17-4]

Semifinals Matches on 19/09/2016

Beagles BC 48 (Achintya 16, Himanshu 14) bt MCHS 22 (Vishak 12, Varun 6) [HT 28-15]

YMMA 37 (Shiva 21) bt Viveks SC 25 (Ruchit 9) [HT 15-17]


DYES, Mandya 32 (Janani 12) bt Mounts Club 19 (Diya 10) [HT 21-6]

DYES, Vijayapura 24 (Shabana 6) bt Beagles BC 19 (Trisha 6) [HT 8-13]

About Karnataka Basketball

The official recognition to the game of basketball was given in the year 1934 by the Indian Olympic Association. This gave a fillip to the game, and the first National basketball Championship was organized in 1934 by the Indian Olympic Association.

Basketball was introduced to the Mysore State by Y.M.C.A. in 1920s. The Y.M.C.A. has played a vital role not only in spreading the message of sports in Bengaluru, but also developing organized system to promote sports. Mr. A.C. Das, Director of Physical Education and General Secretary Y.M.C.A. took up the primary responsibility. The Mysore State team did not participate in the first National Basketball Championship conducted by the Indian Olympic Association that was held at Delhi. It was in 1936 for the first time Mysore state basketball team was selected and fielded by A.C. Das at Lahore National Championship.

Captain M.G. Vijayasarathy, a product of Y.M.C.A. Chennai was another officer who rendered a great service in popularizing the game in the state. He was like a fatherly figure in the field of Mysore State sports and was responsible for promoting basketball along with his friends and colleagues in Colleges and other Institutions.

Basketball in Karnataka achieved new heights in the year 2014, because for the first time in its history, the state men’s team participated in a six nation International Basketball Tournament along with teams from Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Taipei and hosts Malaysia, for The Chief Ministers trophy at Penang, Malaysia.

Team Ekalavyas
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