Mumbai, 7th June, 2016: Shweta Rathore, who was the first Indian woman to win the silver medal in the Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Championship in 2015, in the sports physique category, is now preparing to participate in the Asian Championship competition in Bhutan, World Body Building and Physique Championship in August and the World Championship in December. Shweta will be participating in the Sports and Fitness Physique category. Shweta, who is being trained by a choreographer alongside being training in martial arts, spends at least 2 hours of her day on cardio. She supplements this with weight training for 4 hours every day, to mould her body to suit the requirements of the championship.

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The Regime

Shweta, who does yoga and meditation is also on a high proteins diet, and has cut back on eating out and other indulgences. When asked about her preparation to win the body building and physique championship, Shweta Rathore had this to say: “Every day I change the training according to the development of my body and also my eating and drinking patterns are set according to it. In the end the training is increased and the body is given the right final touch according to the competition. My endeavor this time is to fetch pride to our nation by bagging the medal for our country.”

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