A year ago, NIT Kurukshetra alumnus Piyush Gambhir had written to us about his college basketball court being used for cricket activities. Gambhir had spoken of the efforts made by him and his teammates to stop such misuse of the basketball court for various reasons.

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A year later, i.e. 6 days ago, we received another email from him on how after we published the story (not just on our platform but also on Sportskeeda) the college authorities have responded in a positive way by banning the tournament altogether.

“Not just this, they bought new floodlights, boards, rings, painted the court and spent a lot on our team to provide them kits and all. Even girls got an equal share,” wrote Gambhir in his email. “They even organized a tournament by the name ‘ITUSA’. It was a great event, a great beginning for basketball in the college.”

Gambhir goes on to express how he “hoped this is a small beginning to keep our sport alive.”

We hope so too.

The prickly issue of basketball courts being used for other sports activities, even when adequate facilities for other sports are available, unfortunately is quite common. We are glad that the NIT Kurukshetra administration took the criticism in its stride, and hope other institutions will follow in their footsteps to promote all sports equally.

Meanwhile, here are images from their new basketball tournament:



























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