Nimmy George FIBA Asia 3x3 Youth Camp.

Nimmy George FIBA Asia 3×3 Youth Camp.

Babykutty: Nimmy George of Kerala along with Mr. Rahul Mehla (Punjab) are the Indian Representation at the first ever FIBA Asia 3×3 Youth Camp at the Gharafa Training Hall, Doha, Qatar from September 5-18, 2015. The camp by the Olympic Council of Asia is being supported by Qatar Olympic Committee and Qatar Basketball Federation. Bengaluru Coach Srinivasa Murthy is also accompanying them and participating in the camp for coaches.

About the FIBA Asia 3×3 Youth Camp

This training camp is designed for players aged 15 to 17. In addition to the players’ camp, a coaches’ camp has also been organized in cooperation with the Qatar Olympic Academy. Basketball Federation of India has selected these three participants upon receiving the invitation from Olympic Council of Asia. OCA and Qatar NOC have provided economy class airfare and accommodation for one coach, one male and one female athlete. Apart from Indian players 19 other  countries including Turkmenistan, Laos, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Thailand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kuwait, Yemen, Nepal, Iran, Cambodia, Bhutan, Maldives, Indonesia and Qatar are participating in this Youth Camp.

About 3×3 Basketball- Basic Rules

  • Four members per team. Three active players on court at all times, with one rolling substitute.
  • Played using only one half of a traditional basketball court.
  • Scoring:

o   Traditional three point shots from behind the arc will be awarded 2 points

o   Every shot inside the arc is awarded 1 point.

o   Every successful freethrow is awarded 1 point.

  • Match duration: 10 minutes (with stoppages for dead ball situations and freethrows)
  • The team which scores 21 points or more within the match duration, wins the game. If neither team is able to reach 21 points, then the team with the higher points after the conclusion of 10 minutes is declared the winner.
  • If the scores are tied, then an extra period of time is played. Here the first team to score 2 points in overtime wins the game.
  • Each offensive possession will be for 12 seconds only.
  • Following each successful field goal or made free throw, a player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the arc.
  • If the defensive team steals or blocks the ball, it must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling).

Read more:×3/3x3_2015_Rules_Text.pdf

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