Standing left to right (Basil Philip, Rajesh Uppar, Siddhant Shinde and Jeevanantham P)

Standing left to right (Basil Philip, Rajesh Uppar, Siddhant Shinde and Jeevanantham P)

New Delhi (31 July 2015): The Indian men’s basketball team is set to participate in the 3×3 South Asian Qualifiers 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 1st and 2nd August 2015. The four member team comprising Basil Philip (Kerala), Rajesh Uppar (Karnataka), Siddhant Shinde (Maharashtra) and Jeevanantham Pandi (Tamil Nadu) flew out of Bengaluru to Colombo earlier this morning, and will return to Bengaluru on 3rd August 2015.

The winning team from these SABA (South Asian Basketball Association) Qualifiers will participate in the 3×3 World Tour which will be held on 15th and 16th August 2015 in Beijing, China. India had not participated in the inaugural 3×3 SABA Championship back in 2014, which was eventually won by hosts Bangladesh.

Basil Philip has made it to the Indian team for the second time, after representing the national side during the 2013 SABA 5×5 Championship in New Delhi. The remaining three, Uppar, Shinde and Jeevanantham are all first timers in the senior side. “3×3 is a fast paced game in which Indian players have a chance to compete against the top countries in the world as we develop the 5×5 version of the sport. This is a great opportunity for these players and if they compete hard and win, they’ll have the opportunity to play in China for even more and greater exposure.” said Mr. Chander Mukhi Sharma, Secretary General of the BFI.

Elaborating further, BFI President K Govindaraj said, “We wanted to give these four players, who worked extremely hard during the coaching camp prior to SABA, the chance to obtain valuable international experience. They didn’t make the SABA 5×5 team but all four are young, talented and extremely hard working. They will certainly be part of future Indian teams and this will be valuable exposure for all of them.”


1. Basil Philip SG/SF 12 10/01/1991 Sulthanbathery, Kerala
2. Rajesh Uppar PG 4 20/01/1991 Dharwad, Karnataka
3. Siddhant Shinde PG/SG 9 15/06/1991 Pune, Maharashtra
4. Jeevanantham Pandi PF/C 10 13/10/1994 Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu

*C= Centre, PF= Power Forward, SF= Small Forward, SG= Shooting Guard, PG= Point Guard

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