St. Josephs vs Provident Calicut (in white)

St. Josephs vs Provident Calicut (in white)

The weekend for Chennai was quite entertaining as the semi-final rounds of the St. Joseph’s Group of Institutions Sree Raghavendra Trophy 17th All India Inter Collegiate Invitation Basketball Tournament attracted crowds to Sree Raghavendra Basketball Club’s court in T.Nagar. The teams that qualified for the semis in the men’s category consisted of St. Joseph’s Engineering (Chennai), S.B. College (Kerala), D.G. Vaishav (Chennai) and St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology. In the women’s category, Providence WC (Calicut), MOP Vaishnav (Chennai), SRM University (Kattamkulathur) and St. Joseph’s Engineering (Chennai) are through to the final four.

Interestingly, the semifinals were played in a league format where each team faces the other. The Round 1 of the semifinals was held on 11th July, Saturday. The crowd witnessed four matches, starting with a dominating victory by MOP Vaishnav – 61 (R.Prithi 16) over St. Joseph’s Engineering – 34 (Deekshita 8), followed by a men’s match in which S.B College – 62 (S.Robin 16, Sugeethnath 11) beat DG Vaishnav – 46 (Andrew 13, Akash 10). Match 3 for the day, a women’s match saw SRM University – 54 (Sathya 22, Baritha 17) beat Providence WC – 51 (Oshen 14, Adulya 12, Rhea 10) in a close contest, followed by another close match in the men’s section where St. Joseph’s Engineering – 47 (P. Divya 18) beat St. Joseph’s Tech – 43 (VC Vignesh 17, Sangameshwaran 14), baskets being traded on either side. Round 1 of the semifinals concluded with high energy and anticipation for the next round.

Round 2 of the semifinals enticed a good crowd being on a Sunday, 12th July. Enthusiasm was high in players and their coaches. Match number 1 in the women’s section saw lights out shooting from Providence WC – 62 (Elizabeth 15, Rhea- 13, Adulya 12) as they beat St. Joseph’s Engineering – 29 (Yamini 8). Match 2 was again a women’s match where adrenaline was high in both sides but MOP Vaishnav – 64 (K Prithi 14, Srividhya 14, Diviya 13) edging the victory over SRM University – 45 (Jaya Shruthi 19, Shruthi Anand 17).

MOP Vaishnav (in black) vs SRM University during the Raghavendra Trophy

MOP Vaishnav (in black) vs SRM University.

Match 3 was St. Joseph Engineering – 64 (Dojo 22, Satheesh 17, Divya 12, Nirmal 10) with a victory over DG Vaishnav – 44 (Akash – 11) in a well fought match. Match 4 in the men’s section was continuous baskets on either side with SB College – 55 (S. Robin 13, Siddharth 12, Anumathew 10) having an upper hand over St. Joseph’s Tech – 34 (Sangameshwaran 10). Round 2 concluded on a high note as well, some coaches happy, some with work to do before the next match, but each and every one having a great time.

Round 3 on 13th July Monday:

1. (M) St. Joseph’s Tech 70 (Sangameswaran 23, S Dinesh 14) beat DG Vaishnava 48 (Selvakumar 14).

2. (M) SRM University 58 (Jayashruthi 19, Neenu 10) beat St. Joseph’s Engineering 35 (Yamini 12, Monisha 10)

The evening session will see: 1. MOP Vaishnav vs Providence WC [WOMEN] and 2. St. Joseph’s Engineering vs SB College [MEN’S FINAL]. Matches start at 5:00 pm.

Akhil Khatri
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