Are you kidding me?

For the umpteenth time, ‪#‎TeamEkalavyas‬ heard a complaint from a promising young India baller that “There is no hope for ‪#‎IndiaBasketball‬

Sure, playing a minor sport like basketball is difficult in India, fraught with numerous problems (corruption, poor coaching, lack of facilities, minimal exposure and no pro league). But everytime you feel down in the dumps, and think “This is just too hard and pointless and not worth the sacrifice” watch this video and remember, what REAL sacrifice means:

“A tearful daughter pays tribute to her martyred father by uttering the Gorkha Regiment war cry.”

Never, ever forget that you are incredibly lucky to be growing up in a vibrant democracy, where every day our ‪#‎bravehearts‬ are laying down their lives so that you can live yours.

‪#‎BasketballIsTough‬ it seems. We can FLOOD the ‪#‎NBA‬ with #IndiaBasketball players. We can be among the top five in the world, just like China has been in the past. But the buck stops with YOU. The onus is on YOU to make things work. Research, read, network. In the age of the internet, be your own teacher. Be an ‪#‎Ekalavya‬ for God’s sake!


(That’s by Gandhi FYI, who also happens to be Indian only)

India ballers, the clock is ticking.

Team Ekalavyas
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  1. N.Amarnath 7 years ago

    Yes…You can make and dream..innovate and improve..doors are waiting to be open..

  2. srinivas 7 years ago

    lets not worry, sports is not well supported by our education system unlike in other countries. You cannot take a break achieve what you want in sports get back to college later on and finish graduation and then you will not be in position to apply for jobs due to age factor.
    sports can only progress if our school and our universities really work towards their students to perform and achieve in world universities games like our graduates technically competitive with other graduates in globel job market


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