Dribble Academy girls working hard, training smart and putting in their reps. Image courtesy: Dribble Academy Facebook page.

Dribble Academy girls working hard, training smart and putting in their reps. Image courtesy: Dribble Academy Facebook page.

Since you’re reading this post I’m assuming you are serious about basketball and you want to find ways to get better. It could be either wanting to improve your dribbling skills or it could be wanting to get better on defense. Whatever skill you want to work on you must understand that it requires commitment, dedication and persistence. Without these three, it’s impossible to get better at any skill.

The first key to improving any skill in basketball is repetition: you got to do the same drill a thousand times and maybe more to get better at it. Change is not going to happen overnight. Miracles don’t happen overnight. They take time and unfortunately there’s no shortcut to hard work. If you want to shine in front of your opponent teams or in front of your friends in school you got to be willing to spend endless hours working on your craft while no one watches you.

The second and most important thing to do is to plan your workouts: Make notes of your workouts and set your priorities right. If you feel that you need to work on ball handling or on your shooting form, then so be it. Work endlessly on that till the time you get good at it. Strive to get better every single day. Don’t do too many drills in each workout. Pick two skills you want to work on and give yourself a week or two atleast to get better on those particular skills.

Coaches and players all around the world plan their workouts so that they are organized, more effective and less time consuming.

So what have you decided?

Are you willing to start by giving yourself the commitment to work hard, not give excuses and to sweat every single day?

*Disclaimer: All players are advised to also consult their parents/physios before embarking on any training regime. While we will try our best to be extremely careful in giving training tips under this column, we take no responsibility for any injuries sustained by players.

This article is part of the newly launched ‘Court Craft‘ series on individual skill development for basketball, especially from the Indian context.

Pradyut Voleti
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  1. Rayan Koul 7 years ago

    Hats off to Pradyut Sir.
    (y) 🙂

  2. Jayasankar Menon 7 years ago

    I have seen Pradyut work and do visit his Academy on Sundays.. Happy to be associated with them.. The kids mostly from neighbouring villages show remarkable improvement.. Kudos to Dribble Academy

  3. Amarnath.N 7 years ago

    Nice effort..in the photo the girl dribbling must learn to keep her chin up and not look at the ball is my opinion..she can use a eye blind in consultation with her trainer…as one improves on the skills of dribbling, the tendency to dribble unnecessarily must also be curtailed..


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