A couple of weeks ago, ousted national women’s head coach Francisco Garcia put up a post on Facebook, highlighting a very interesting phenomenon in the Indian basketball circles. We all know about the ongoing limbo in Indian basketball. But what surprised Garcia is the unnatural quiet in the Indian basketball community about this unpleasant situation.  [fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/francisco.garcia.7773631/posts/10206995617471180?pnref=story” bottom=”30″]

To nobody’s surprise, vocal yesteryear legend Jayasankar Menon, immediately responded to Garcia’s call, with a post of his own: [fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/jayasankar.menon.5/posts/10205632274459523?pnref=story” bottom=”30″]

It was really touching to read the post of Coach Francisco Garcia and the comments by friends. I would like to make an appeal to all basketball lovers — former players, coaches, officials and organisers — to WAKE UP. Let us stand UNITED. Can We??? So sad to note that the Indian team cannot take part in the under 16 FIBA qualifiers. I do remember when the Junior Indian team in 1986 for jr. ABC at Manila (where I was a member) was stopped at the last moment due to the ban by the then PM Rajiv Gandhi who cancelled overseas participation of all sports. All the players were so sad as it was the first international participation for most of us, including me. I can understand the feeling of the current players.. Request all my friends to air your views so that we can make an effort to break the standstill of Indian Basketball. Hope and pray for an early amicable solution to roll the ball faster and bigger. (sic)

Closed door discussions are now being held on the possibility of creating a players’ association to ensure the well-being of the sport. After all, when the top echelons of the BFI collide, it is the players below who get stripped of the opportunity to represent India internationally. A Players Association is a commonly accepted institution in any sport to counter the overbearing influence of the governing body tasked with administration of the sport. Another larger objective of the IBPA can be to look after the welfare of the players, especially all those former players who need financial assistance can be supported.

As things stand, launching a recognised Indian Basketball Players Association could not have been proposed at a more opportune time. [fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/jayasankar.menon.5/posts/10205660616848065?pnref=story” bottom=”30″]

Gopalakrishnan R
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  1. Amarnath.N 7 years ago

    Best wishes to Jai..Pray his efforts are succeesful and Basketball in India is benefitted..God bless..

  2. srinivas 7 years ago

    Mr garcia tellimg us we are disillusioned. you where perceived to deliver but that what you delivered is nowhere near what was expected. your campaign to us for hope do not see any meaning we know things will be sorted out and basketball will be alive once again. You cannot speak the langauge of clarity because you were a part for the downfall of the game by selecting like players than the deserved once in the indian team and not utilizing the deserved players by keeping them in the bench.Do not try to be man of people.

  3. srinivas 7 years ago

    Mr jayashanker why closed doors, let it be online and most accessible just not for few players and in Delhi only.

  4. Jayasankar Menon 7 years ago

    Hi.. Srinivas.. Thanks for your comments.. There is no secrets.. I have posted on Facebook.. Request you to share your views.. Let us all join together to make OUR game bigger and better.. request your support. regards


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