The 3rd edition of Masters Basketball Tournament 2015 – 2016 for Men and Women above 35 years of age is underway at the Deccan Gymkhana Club, Pune.

At the end of day 3, three teams from Pool A are tied and will look to their last League match to clinch the two semi final spots available from their group. In Pool B, two out these three teams – BITS Apaches,, Krixi Titans and Jitendra Jaguars have good chances to qualify for the semi finals.
Results Day #3
Masters Basketball Day 3
Match No. 1. Icon slammers v/s Geine Rockers
Icon  Slammers won the match 26-19.
Half time score 12-5 in favour of Icon Slammers
For Icon Slammers
Himanshu Pandey 11 pts, Amit Lele 6 pts
For Genie Rockers
Ashish Kasodekar 6 pts, Suketu Shah 4 pts
Match No. 2. BITS Apaches v/s Krixi Titans
BITS Apaches won the match 29-24
Half time score 13-13
For BITS Apaches 
Prasad Yeravdekar 11 pts, Sandeep Nulkar 6 pts.
For Krixi Titans
Sajida Bagwan 10 pts,Ashwin Deshpande 4 pts
Match No. 3. Atul Spartans v/s Rohan Bisons
Rohan Bisons won the match 22-18
Half time score 11-10 in favour of Rohan Bisons.
For Rohan Bisons
Paresh Thorat 15 pts, Abhijeet Sabnis 4 pts
For Atul Spartans
Sachin Wadekar 6 pts, Kajal Ambedkar 4 pts
Match No. 4. Deccan Rangers v/s Jitendra Jaguars
Jitendra Jaguars won the match 30-6
Half time score 15-6 in favour of Jitendra Jaguars
For Jitendra Jaguars
Amogh Umbrekar 11 pts, Anand Kulkarni 10 pts
For Deccan Rangers
Kiran Garge 3 pts, Sujit Pawar 2 pts
Match No. 5. Icon Slammers v/s Deccan Bulls
Deccan bulls won the match 24-33
Half time score 12-13 in favour of Icon Slammers
For Deccan Bulls 
Harshawardhan Patil 18 pts, Nitin Baraskar 6 pts
For Icon Slammers 
Sameer Ranade 10 pts, Shashank Risbud 7 pts

Results Day #2

Masters Basketball Day 2
Match No. 1. BITS Apaches v/s Master Mentors
BITS Apaches won the match 20-18
Half time score 10-11 in favour of Master Mentors
For BITS Apaches 
Prasad Yeravdekar 6 pts, Sandeep Nulkar 5 pts
For Master Mentors
Amit Ambedkar 12 pts, Kishor Goriwale 3 pts
Match No. 2. Genie Rockers v/s Rohan Bisons 
Rohan Bisons won the match 15-11
Half time score 10-8 in favour of Rohan Bisons
For Rohan Bisons 
Paresh Thorat 9 pts, Sunila Kadam 2 pts
For Genie Rockers
Ashish Kasodekar 5 pts
Match No. 3. Krixi Titans v/s Deccan Rangers
Krixi Titans won the match 44-22
Half time score 18-11 in favour of Krixi Titans
For Krixi Titans 
Raja Kdam 11 pts,Sandeep Agate 9 pts, Atul Pawar 8 pts
For Deccan Rangers 
Shrikant Joshi 7 pts, Preeti Shah 5 pts
Match No. 4. Deccan Bulls v/s Atul Spartans
Deccan Bulls won the match 19-06
Half time score 8-3 in favour of Deccan Bulls
For Deccan Bulls
Harshawardhan Patil 7 pts, Nitin Baraskar 6 pts
For Atul Spartans
Shantanu Divekar 3 pts, Kajal Ambedkar 3 pts
Match No. 5. Jitendra Jaguars v/s Master Mentors 
Jitendra Jaguars won the match 25-14
Half time score 13-8 in favour of Jitendra Jaguars
For Jitendra Jaguars 
Anand Kulkarni 10 pts, Niranjan Dixit 4 pts
For Master Mentors 
Madhavi 4 pts, Yogesh Pendse 4 pts
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