How far are you willing to go for your love of basketball? Many of us use the words “passion” and “sacrifice”, but do we truly understand what they mean? What does it really take to succeed in the field of basketball in India? 19-year-old Krittika Divadkar from Pune has represented the junior Indian national women’s basketball team and earlier this year took the bold step of moving to Australia to pursue Sports Management from Deakin University. What prompted her move? Get a sneakpeak into the mind of this promising young Indian basketballer who is daring to walk the path rarely travelled….Read the first post in our new monthly column: “Basketball Diaries”. This is a chance for us to watch Krittika’s journey unfold in her own voice, as she matures from a promising basketball player to a qualified sports management professional, eager to return to India and transform the sport of basketball.

Kruttika Divadkar. Image courtesy Kruttika Divadkar

Absurd, confused or sometimes just plain looks of ‘what is she doing with her life’ is what I had to face on a daily basis when I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management.  Sport being the only thing I was passionate about since I was a child, the decision to pursue this course was an easy one. Making the decision was not the hard part, coping with it and fulfilling it was where I had to face several difficulties. I was often bombarded with questions about how this would benefit my future and stereotypical relatives wondering why I made this decision even after scoring good grades in 10th and 12thOne thing that people need to understand, just because an individual is pursuing a degree outside of engineering and medicine, does NOT mean that he or she is dumb, it just means that they are following their heart and trust me, the efforts required to pursue any degree is pretty much the same.

When one reads an advertisement of World Education Fair, the first thing that comes to their mind is, ‘will there be food?’ or ‘no way am I going for that’. Pretty much my reaction when I heard about this fair happening in Pune, little did I know that this fair would impact my life in such a great way. I was able to meet delegates from various Universities from different countries but the one that caught my eye was Deakin University. Australia has a TOEFL/IELTS requirement to get admitted in the University but this Uni was happy to accept my application that day itself and submit my test scores when I was done taking it. Their ability to adapt, make exceptions showed me that they were keen on taking in international students. Within a month I had an offer letter in my hand with certain conditions that needed to be met. I scored a 106 out of a possible 120 (I’m not a genius, the exam is really easy!!) on my TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) and had to clear the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) interview with the University. They asked questions regarding how this degree would be beneficial to my future and I did not have to think twice before answering.

Australia is known for its sport culture. Be it any sport, Australia will be one of the top teams in it. India, however, being a developing country, is still getting there. Learning the sport culture here will definitely help me go a long way in eventually promoting basketball in India.

Even though I share a passion for several sports, basketball has and will always be the closest to my heart. I always pictured myself playing basketball forever until realisation struck me. An injury could put me out of the game in the near future or I would reach an age where my legs would not support me anymore but the thought of not being able to contribute to this beautiful game is what left me thinking. This degree will help me do exactly that, give back to this game that we all are so passionate about. Making a decision to leave India was a really hard one, leaving this basketball community, where I had played my heart out for both my State and the Nation. That is when I actually started looking at the bigger picture and thinking what wonders this degree could do for me. Deakin University in Australia is ranked the 3rd best course in the world for Sport Management and I would recommend passionate sport enthusiasts to look it up.

Krittika Divadkar
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  1. Manish vyas 8 years ago

    Kritika, inspirational story. Keep it up. Good luck.

  2. Sanika Joshi 8 years ago

    Dearest girl,
    I am proud of u and you are a great inspiration for everyone. Its always wonderful to travel the journey less traced and make a mark 🙂
    All the best and keep me updated !! 🙂

  3. Seema Parekh. 8 years ago

    Krittika , I wish you all the best in life. Your mother, Kalpana and I were college friends and till date remain that. ( Though we hardly meet ) . You are climbing the steps of success that your mother had started and now I wish that you reach the top, So we can all look up to you and feel happy about your achievements.

  4. P James 8 years ago

    There is No Royal Road to Success,
    But after Success Every Road Becomes Royal,
    Best wishes and great success Krittika!!!!
    God Bless!!!!

  5. priyanka shelar patole 8 years ago

    Strong willed n certain like ur mum.ull surely go places gal.wish u all the very best!

  6. Neha Kshirsagar 7 years ago

    Hi Kritika truely inspiring for all the youngsters..
    Wishing You All The Best for you future
    Your Mom & Dad are really Proud Parents
    God Bless You 🙂

  7. Mohit 7 years ago

    Keep it up…and make india proud


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