It’s not easy to be LeBron James – widely recognized as the most popular athlete in the world. LeBron has now ‘come back home’ to Cleveland, creating unprecedented excitement for Cavaliers fans. The move to Cleveland was made as LeBron’s quest to bring a title to his hometown team.

The pre-season game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat in Brazil was one of the most anticipated pre-season clashes in recent NBA history with James facing his former team. Facing his former teammates for the first time since moving to Cleveland, James managed just seven points in the win.

Many thought it would be an awkward situation for James to face the Heat, a team with whom he achieved so much. James felt differently saying, “For me, it was a special moment to be back out there competing against my old teammates. I didn’t get that awkward feeling, but a lot of memories came back with the things that we accomplished with my teamnba-logomates and coaching staff. So, it was definitely great to see them.”

It is interesting to note that besides winning almost every major NBA award, James is yet to get his hands on the Defensive Player of the Year trophy. Given the offense prowess of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, James can focus more on defence with this new team than he’s ever done before.

In the pre-season game against Heat, Kevin Love scored 25 points and made 4 of 5 from behind the arc. That’s exactly why the Cavaliers acquired him from the Minnesota Timberwolves. With Irving and and Love taking on some of the offensive load, James can consistently form the core of the Cavaliers’ defensive strategy.

“I’ll probably handle the ball a little bit, but this is Kyrie’s show,” James said after his first practice with the Cavaliers. “He’s our point guard. He’s our floor general, and we need him to put us in position to succeed offensively.

All said and done, this is the James ‘era’ of NBA and if Cavaliers want to revive their glorious years, James will certainly be the catalyst. For James winning a title again with Cavaliers would icing on the cake. “I take full responsibility of being the leader of the team.”

Vishnu Ravi Shankar
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