Illustration credits: Saumya Kumar

The next time someone says “JAMES RODRIGUEZ”, I will push them off the nearest cliff, oh no, since Hyderabad does not have any cliffs that I can immediately access, a nearby building will have to do. Firstly, it’s pronounced ‘Hah-mays’. Learn the pronunciation, you‘re going to need it. Come on, even Cafe Rio got it right. This man is definitely going to be doing great things in the near future, anyone who saw his brilliant half-volley first goal against Uruguay will testify to that. Colombia came into this World Cup with an attacking game and have certainly reaped the rewards. In the absence of Radamel Falcoa, this team was written off by most people but then, Rodriguez stepped up and how.

This team’s victory dances after every single goal can give JLo a run for her money. Come on, they are definitely a hundred times better than the World Cup Official song which Sony Six seems to love playing sometime after the 9:30 pm match finishes, or even the Shakira song which is replayed after the 1:30 am match. Also, who can forget the heart touching moment in the recent match against Uruguay, when after scoring goal, Rodriguez kept pointing to his teammate, Juan Cuadrado whose brilliant header set up the goal. It’s as if he was saying, ‘Thank you man, it’s yours to celebrate!’ It melts your heart, really. (So does his smile, but let’s stick to Football for now.) From what I gather from all my friends who are into Fantasy Football, Rodriguez seems to have a major presence there too. ‘Super points’, says a Football crazy friend of mine.

Colombia now faces Brazil in what I think will be one of the best matches this World Cup will see. It will be interesting to see this all South American Clash, and what it brings to this edition of the World Cup. Whenever I see this team play, all I can think of is how somewhere Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is cheering loudly for this team which has danced its way into all our hearts. Before I end this post, I would like to thank my dear friend Saumya Kumar for the very cute world cup emblem she’s drawn for us, despite her busy schedule. Thanks, Saumi.

Gopalakrishnan R
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