Illustration credits: Saumya Kumar

Illustration credits: Saumya Kumar

Yes. It is dubbed the “Greatest Show on Earth”. Yes. The timing of the matches is a wee bit (writer’s prerogative) inconvenient for our part of the Earth. But no, I will not refrain from watching as many matches as it is humanly possible. Well for a human infected with malaria, at least. Before anything I’d like to thank Team Ekalavyas for taking a chance with me and giving me this amazing opportunity. Thanks Guys!

Anyway, back to malaria and football. So the past week and a half was spent ditching work and recovering at home. What better way to recover than reverently following the Football World Cup? Sleeping in the morning and watching football at night is a good way to rid yourself of Malaria. Thank you dear mosquito for deciding that it’s a good time to bite me and give me Malaria; it really was the best time!

Most of my nights have been spent watching small teams give bigger teams a run for their money, yes, Costa Rica, I am talking about you there, kicking England out without even playing against them. So proud! The Portugal vs USA match was pretty enthralling, so was the one between Germany and Ghana. Both Ghana and the USA exposed chinks in their respective opponents’ defense.

But the question lingering on everyone’s mind right now is, has this World Cup seen the death of Tiki-taka? My heart broke into a few million pieces on that fateful night when the Dutch literally annihilated the defending champs, the Spaniards! The game raised a few questions, well I had a few for Mr. Del Bosque too, “Why on earth didn’t you start with David Villa?” Well, after the match against the Soccaroos, I hate to say it, but well, I told you so. It was heartening to see Villa score in what could possibly be his last World Cup match. I only wish Villa had played a lot more in this World Cup. The match showed glimpses of the old Spain team which tiki takaed its way to the last World Cup trophy. All the best to them for defending their Euro Cup two years from now. I am with you, Spain. May you tiki taka to glory again.

Something that caught my attention this time around was Sony Pix’s ‘Cafe Rio’. Well Sony Six (and Pix) what was John Abraham doing with Crouch and Silverstre and that Gaurav Kapur? Also did I catch ‘Nikhil Chinnappa’ there? Stranger things have not happened in a while, I suppose. Really. As far as the opening ceremonies go, this time was a tad dull, and having Pitbull there did nothing to help the cause. The only redeeming factor that night was ‘NEYMAAAAAAAAAR!’

Who would I predict to win this time? I’d say its a toss up between Netherlands and Germany. (I am still weeping at the epic Spanish loss.) Before saying goodbye this time I’d like again thank the mosquito for giving me Malaria, and also Luiz Suarez and Georgio Chiellini. More on that in another post, so I guess this is it until next time!

Sneha Sindhu
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