MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT! Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai (in white) beats SCB Government College for Boys, Ludhiana by one point, 79-78! Punjab international forward Palpreet Singh's 26 point effort falls agonisingly short against Shashank Rai's 30 pts for JIT Chennai

MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT! In a late evening match, Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai (in white) beats SCB Government College for Boys, Ludhiana by one point, 79-78! Punjab international forward Palpreet Singh’s 26 point effort falls agonisingly short against Shashank Rai’s 30 pts for JIT Chennai

New Delhi, Thursday, 01 May 2014: In a riveting encounter that went all the way down to the final few seconds, Oxford School, New Delhi scraped past The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore 76-74 in a league encounter as part of the historic 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball league that is underway at the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.  Oxford School led by almost ten points in the final few minutes and looked to have sealed the match, when Bhavan’s Laxman T hit a flurry of three pointers to bring life back into the contest. However, his 36 valiant points were in vain as Oxford won its second straight match to qualify for the semifinals with one league game still remaining.

In other school matches, the girls from Bangalore (Bishop Cotton HS) and Delhi (Modern School) too have qualified for the semifinals from Pool A, having won their first two league matches quite easily. They will go head on later tomorrow to decide the top seed from their pool. Also qualifying for the final four is the exciting boys team from Sr. Nav Bharti Public School Ludhiana, which won a tense league battle against Velammal HS. Velammal HS surprisingly led for the first three quarters against a star studded team which featured junior international forward Gurwinder Singh Gill and senior international guard Loveeneet Singh. In the final ten minutes however, the Ludhiana side pulled ahead due to its superior physicality, size and experience. These two teams are favourites for a final rematch.

Among college teams, Bangalore (SBM Jain College) and New Delhi (Kirori Mal College) won their second straight games to qualify for the semifinals from Pool A. However, three teams from Kolkata (La Martiniere HS—school girls; Nalanda Vidyapeeth—school boys; and IIT Kharagpur—college men) have been knocked out from this tournament after failing to win any of their matches. St Xavier’s College is the only team remaining in the competition in the college women’s section.

League Match results from Day 2 (1-5-14)

1)      Bishop Cotton HS 72 (Aksa Avez 18, Lopamudra TK, Shanice D 13) bt Nalanda Vidyapeeth 13 (Bimla T 5, Yasmine K 3) [QT wise scores: 17-1; 18-1; 14-8; 23-3]

2)      SBM Jain College, Bangalore 80 (Vinoth Kumar 21, Kaif Zia 15) bt IIT Kharagpur 48 (Rajan Bajaj 18, Naresh Chandra 8) [QT wise scores: 35-9; 10-3; 22-20; 13-6]

3)      Podar College, Mumbai 48 (Ankita Negi 21, Sarah Voda 8) bt Loyola Academy, Hyderabad 36 (Akshita Rao 12, Rama Mishra 8) [QT wise scores: 11-10; 11-7; 11-13; 15-6]

4)      Delhi Public School, Bangalore 69 (Mukul Mahendra 23, Anish Bhadmik 10) bt La Martiniere HS 45 (Raghav S 25, Gaurav S 8) [QT wise scores: 22-12; 21-7; 13-14; 13-12]

5)      Modern School, New Delhi 70 (Madhu K 30, Ananya S 19, Rashi D 10) bt Emerald Heights, Indore 63 (Princy S R 35, Monal S 14, Isha Chauhan 12) [QT wise scores: 15-11; 18-13; 22-19; 15-20]

6)      Oxford School, New Delhi 76 (Abhishek T 35, Sohal Gahlot 19, Saurav Y 16) bt The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore 74 (Laxman T 36, Mayank B 16, Akash S 10) [QT wise scores: 21-16; 17-16; 18-21; 20-21]

7)      Chirec Public School, Hyderabad 46 (Dristi 13, Sanhita 13) bt St. Anthony HS, Mumbai 34 (Shreyl D 10) [QT wise scores: 8-4; 8-9; 11-14; 19-7]

8)      Loyola College, Hyderabad 90 (Sri Ganesh 34, T Uday 15, Shaik 15)bt KC College, Mumbai 79 (Paras 20, Aqib Khan 16, Mearaj 15)  [QT wise scores: 22-19; 23-17; 22-21; 23-22]

9)      Kirori Mal College, New Delhi 77 (Aditya Raj 15, Yudhvir Singh 12, Pulkit Sachdeva 12)  bt Islamiya Karmiya DC, Indore 50 [QT wise scores: 23-21; 28-11; 16-8; 10-10]

10)   Sr. Nav Bharti Public School, Ludhiana 94 (Rahul M 21, Loveneet Singh 19)bt Velammal HS 85 (Surya A 27, Lokesh M 16) [QT wise scores: 18-21; 24-24; 24-15; 28-25]

11)   Ludhiana Government Senior Secondary School 60 (Samriti 25, Gagandeep K 19)  bt St Joseph HS, Chennai 47 (Devi R 27, Nishanth 8) [QT wise scores: 23-17; 11-7; 16-11; 10-12]

12)   Ludhiana Women’s College 71 (Nagma Mirza 34, Kirandeep Kaur 24)bt MOP Vaishnav College Chennai (Diviya K 29, Mildred Freeman 18, Diviya P 14) 63 [QT wise scores: 11-6; 14-13; 23-16; 23-28]

13)   Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai 79 (Shashank Rai 30, Arun Hari Kumar 18)bt SCB Government College for Boys, Ludhiana 78 (Palpreet Singh 26, Harmandeep Singh 25) [QT wise scores:  26-18; 12-24; 24-18; 17-18]

14) Fr Agnel School & Junior College, Mumbai 89 (Rohon J 46, Vaishakh Nambiar 15) bt Oakridge International, Hyderabad 85 (Viraj R 36, Harsha 17) [QT wise scores: 28-17; 23-17; 29-19; 9-32]




Hyderabad (Loyola Academy) Ludhiana (Govt. College) CWB 8.00 AM
Hyderabad (Loyola Academy) Ludhiana (Govt. College) CMB 9.30 AM
Indore (Renaissance College) Bangalore (SBM Jain College) CWA 11.00 AM
Chennai (Jeppiar Inst. Of Tech) Mumbai (KC College) CMB 12.30 PM
Chennai (MOP Vaishnav Coll.) Mumbai (Podar College) CWB 2.00 PM
Bangalore (SBM Jain College) New Delhi (Kirori Mal College) CMA 2.00 PM
Chennai (Velammal HS) Mumbai (Fr. Agnel School) SBB 5.00 PM
Indore (Islamiya Karmiya DC) Kolkata (IIT Kharagpur) CMA 6.30 PM


Indore (Emerald Heights) Kolkata (Nalanda Vidyapeeth) SGA 8.00 AM
Indore (The Bhavan’s Prominent) Kolkata (La Martiniere HS) SBA 9.30 AM
Hyderabad (Chirec PS) Ludhiana (Govt. Girls SSC) SGB 11.00 AM
Hyderabad (Oakridge Intl.) Ludhiana (Sr. Nav Bharati PS) SBB 12.30 PM
Bangalore (Bishop Cotton HS) New Delhi (Modern School) SGA 2.00 PM
Bangalore (Delhi Public School) New Delhi (Oxford School) SBA 3.30 PM
Chennai (St Joseph’s HS) Mumbai (St. Anthony HS) SGB 5.00 PM