New Delhi, Friday, 02 May 2014: The league stages have drawn to a close in the 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 underway at the Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi. Out of the thirty two teams across four categories (school boys & girls, college men & women), we are now down to the top 16 who will battle in the semifinals tomorrow (i.e. Saturday, 3-5-14) and day after morning (i.e. Sunday 4-5-14).

In the school division, teams from Delhi and Punjab cruised into the final four after winning all their league games. The two school teams from the national capital, Modern School girls and Oxford School boys have won all three of their league matches to go on top of their respective pools. Ludhiana sides Sr Nav Bharti Public School and Government Girls Senior Secondary School have matched Delhi’s record from the opposite pools. Also qualifying for the semifinals in second place in the school girls division are Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangalore and St. Joseph High School, Chennai. In the school boys division, Fr. Agnel School, Mumbai and The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore qualified for the semifinals in second place.

In the men’s college division, SBM Jain College, Bangalore men topped their pool after beating Kirori Mal College, New Delhi who too has qualified for the semifinals as the second placed team from the pool. From the opposite men’s pool, Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai won all their league matches and will be followed into the semifinals by second placed side Ludhiana Government Men’s college.

In the women’s college division, Ludhiana Government College and Renaissance College, Indore have topped their pools and MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai and SBM Jain College, Bangalore have qualified in second place.



Modern School, New Delhi (A1) Vs St. Joseph High School, Chennai (B2) SG 9.00 AM
Oxford School, New Delhi (A1) Vs Fr. Agnel High School, Mumbai (B2) SB 10:30 AM
Govt. Girls Sr Sec. School, Ludhiana (B1) Vs Bishop Cotton High School, Bangalore (A2) SG 12:00 PM
Sr. Nav Bharti Public School, Ludhiana (B1) Vs The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore (A2) SB 1:30 PM
Renaissance College, Indore (A1) Vs MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai (B2) CW 3:00 PM
Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai (A1) Vs Kirori Mal College, New Delhi (B2) CM 4.30 PM

COURT NO. 1                                                     04.05.2014 (SUNDAY)

Government College, Ludhiana (B1) Vs SBM Jain College, Bangalore (A2) CW 7.00 AM

COURT NO. 2                                                     04.05.2014 (SUNDAY)

SBM Jain College, Bangalore (B1) Vs Government College, Ludhiana (A2) CM 7.00 AM

*Note:- SG- School Girls, SB- School Boys; CW- College Women; CM- College Men



School Girls

1)      Emerald Heights, Indore 44 (Oshiw Sharma 13, Princy S 10, Isha C 9) bt Nalanda Vidyapeeth 24 (Purnima M 9, Tumpa M 6) [QT wise scores: 16-11; 12-5; 9-0; 7-8]

2)      Modern School, Delhi 64 (Madhu Kumari 37)bt Bishop Cotton HS, Bangalore 52 (Lopamudra 20, Shanice 14) [QT wise scores: 15-8; 17-10; 18-20; 14-13]

3)      Government School, Ludhiana 91 (Samriti 39, Somi Kumari 10) bt Chirec PS 41 (Sanhita 15, Natasha 14) [QT wise scores: 22-15; 22-15; 24-8; 23-3]

4)      St Joseph HS, Chennai 59 (Devi 18, Ashmi Maria 16, Ishwarya 10)btSt Anthony HS, Chennai 42 (Vidya 11, Dielle D’Souza 11) [QT wise scores: 21-10; 8-10; 12-6; 18-16]

School Boys

1)      The Bhavan’s Prominent, Indore 65 (Laxman T 20, Mayank B 16, Dev Sharma 11) bt La Martiniere, Kolkata 48 (Raghav S 25, KC Hmingthan 15) [QT wise scores: 13-8; 17-18; 18-8; 17-14]

2)      Oxford School, New Delhi 62 (Abhishek 28, Sohal 10)bt Delhi Public School, Bangalore (Siddharth 19, Mukul M 13) 55 [QT wise scores: 15-15; 14-9; 14-15; 19-16]

3)      Sr Nav Bharti Public School, Ludhiana 100 (Rajveer 19, Loveneet 17) bt Oakridge School, Hyderabad  33 (Viraj R 11) [QT wise scores: 34-17; 20-4; 16-4; 30-8]

4)      Fr. Agnel School, Mumbai 81 (Rohan 31, Varun Taneja 15, Vaishakh Nambiar 12)bt Velammal High School, Chennai 73 (Lokesh M 19, Bala 15) [QT wise scores: 16-24; 16-15; 25-20; 24-14]

College Women

1)      Renaissance College, Indore 64 (Akanksha 29, Niharika 12) bt SBM Jain College, Bangalore 61 (Sandhya M 24, Simonelle 18)  [QT wise scores: 28-17; 13-18; 14-11; 9-15]

2)      Government College, Ludhiana 71 (Kirandeep Kaur 27, Nagma 18, Nirmal Kaur 13)bt Loyola Academy, Hyderabad 36 (Sneha Priya 9, Vadtika Pandey 6) [QT wise scores: 16-13; 27-5; 14-3; 14-15]

3)      MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai 63 bt RA Podar College 37 [QT wise scores: 14-16; 22-4; 12-10; 15-7]

College Men

1)      Government Men’s College, Ludhiana 103 (Palpreet Singh Brar 25, Harmandeep Singh 25, Abhishek Rai 22) bt Loyola College, Hyderabad  80 (Ganesh 13, Shaik Bajid Basha 12, Chris 11) [QT wise scores: 28-19; 26-20; 38-13; 28-11]

2)      Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Chennai 60 (Shashank Rai 15) bt KC College, Mumbai 40 (Fardeen Khan 11) [QT wise scores: 17-10; 14-10; 18-7; 11-13]

3)      SBM Jain College, Bangalore 72 (Visu Palani 30, Preetham 12) , Mohammed 11) bt Kirori Mal College, New Delhi 69 (Aditya 19, Dheeraj 19, Pulkit 11) [QT wise scores: 12-13; 5-1; 25-27; 30-28]


About the 1st BFI-IMG Reliance School & College Basketball League

The Basketball Federation of India along with IMG Reliance is hosting the 1st BFI-IMG Reliance National School & College Basketball League for Boys & Girls 2014 in New Delhi from 30th April to 4th May 2014. Thirty-two teams from eight cities of India i.e. Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Indore, Kolkata and Bengaluru will be participating. The top teams i.e. the winners of the school and college league from each of the above mentioned cities will be competing for the honour of being crowned national champions.

This tournament will provide new and promising talent from the grassroots level an opportunity to showcase their skills, and in turn develop and promote the game of basketball, which is the endeavour of the BFI- IMG Reliance collaboration. Competition at this age will give the much needed boost to budding players to catch the eye of the selectors, and use this as a platform to make their mark at the National Level for their respective States. An event of such magnitude will go a long way in raising the bar of the organization and standard of the game among the students, enabling them to take up careers in basketball professionally.

The interest and well being of players and officials is of foremost importance to the BFI and they will be provided with comfortable boarding, AC lodging on a sharing basis and local transport (in AC buses) from a day prior to one day after the championship for a contingent comprising 12 players and 2 team officials. International FIBA qualifiers Indian referees have been invited to officiate and help in the governance of matches in the fairness of stiff competition among the cream of basketball players from these eight cities.

The event is expected to become bigger with time as the number of cities increases every year from far and wide across India. The whole idea is to expand the horizon of basketball to the remotest of places in our country.

The winning teams from all categories will receive Rs 1,00,000/- as prize money, the runners up will receive Rs 75,000/- and the third place finishers will be awarded Rs 50,000/-.