Sunpreet: Thanks gopal.. you did a great job

Hoopistani: Great job Gopal. Looking forward to the recap.

Akin: thank you gopal. expecting more from uuuuuuuuuuu

Gopal: See you folks tomorrow evening. A detailed match report of today’s game will come up on sportskeeda later tonight, with exclusive post game interviews

Gopal: Three..Two…One..FINAL BUZZER! India wins 107-26. Next game is on Monday, June 3rd, 6:00 PM onwards, when Nepal takes on Afghanistan.

Gopal: less than a minute left in the game. India’s man to man defense is frantic as ever, an Amjyot gets another huge block. He gets a congratulatory low five from Vinay Kaushik.

Gopal: 105-26 read the scores as Philip goes to the line. He makes both freethrows

Gopal: Goal tending? Nepal tries a rainbow shot that looks its about to go in. Amjyot though rejects the attempt in controversial manner. Nepal’s goal tending calls go in vain though

Gopal: India open up a ridiculous 80 point lead! Yes, you read that right. 80 points!! Still 2:32 left in the game.

Gopal: Nepal unable to get the ball inbounds! Amjyot gets a steal but fumbles the ball.

Gopal: UNBELIEVABLE! Ranbir Singh gets not one, but two offensive rebounds on the same possession. It’s like he is playing a board tapping drill all by himself. Unfortunately he turns the ball over trying to pass to Loveneet.

Mudit: Woohoo!! Go India! 😀

Gopal: CENTURY!! India reaches 101 points thanks to a layup by Philip

Gopal: The Afghan players watching from the crowd have gone quiet. They must be intimidated by India’s clinical performance in this game.

Gopal: Ranbir Singh knocks down an elbow jumper as easy as you would like it. Smattering of applause from the crowd.

Gopal: Narender gets a defensive rebound and passes it to Loveneet. But India’s play disrupted by Nepal, who misfire their own three.

Gopal: Time out called by Nepal. No point really! If this was a cricket match, then Nepal could at least have hoped for rain to call off play. There’s no way they can make a comeback in this game.

Gopal: India lead 94-24 with 7 mins left in the final quarter

Gopal: Loveneet is sent to the line. Makes the first…and misfires on the second..But he manages to get the offensive rebound and is again sent to the line for two more freethrows!

Gopal: OOOH! It’s like Loveneet heard me or something. He does a beautiful behind the back move in transition, but is fouled on his drive to the basket. This kid is not afraid of playing with seniors.

Gopal: The promising young Loveneet Singh checks into the game. This is a good opportunity for him at the senior level

Gopal: Fourth Quarter action. SLAM DUNK! Amjyot rams the ball home. Yadwinder is ROFLING from his bench. This is getting too one sided.

Gopal: 100 points for India looks very very easy as we wait for the final 10 mins of play to start. Doubt if the crowd will get nachos though. This is not Staples Centre 🙁 a hot chai will be most welcome though

Gopal: THIRD QUARTER ENDS: India 88, Nepal 22.

Gopal: Nepal’s running hook attempt cutting across the ring, ends in nothing.

Gopal: Nepal is wearing red in the game and Indian cagers are in white

Gopal: WATTE DEFENSE! India’s man to man defense is scary just to look at. Another steal, created by a combination of Indian players- Rikin, Sambhaji and Ranbir. Ball finally lands in Vinay Kaushik’s hand who gets a quick two points in transition.

Gopal: Charge!! A veteran play by a veteran player. Sambhaji Kadam draws the charge on the offensive end. India Coach Scott Flemming seen clapping and exhorting the other India players to appreciate the play

Gopal: Nepal seems to have realised that the only way they can score is by taking long range pot shots


Gopal: GET THAT OUTTA HERE!! Amjyot gets a huge block on a Nepal player attempting a corner three. I guess Nepal didnt expect such a rapid close out. The shooter smiles helplessly as the ball is thrown out of the field of play

Gopal: Substitution! Vishesh out, Vinay Kaushik in. PG Joginder out and in his place comes the Army man Sambhaji Kadam.

Gopal: Vishesh gestures frantically to push the ball to him in the corner. India turn the ball over. On the other end, Nepal hits another three. Scores 78-19 in favour of India.

Gopal: Ranbir Singh follows it up with another break. He completes the layup this time with ease. Boy what a talent he is!

Gopal: BOOM!! Ranbir Singh’s presence has an immediate effect. He bursts for the fast break. The rim rattles as Amjyot gets a put back dunk.

Gopal: The dynamic, young and dashing guard Ranbir Singh of Punjab has just checked in.

Gopal: Nepal scores! Finally, a corner three. Scores 71-16 in favour of India with 5:40 left in the third quarter.

Gopal: Nepal try a half hearted three pointer. Absolutely no backspin on that shot. It naturally doesn’t go in. Matters are made worse for Nepal by a shot clock violation on the next possession.

Gopal: Vishesh immediately follows with an unstoppable layup of his own. 67-13 India lead. Make that 69-13, thanks to another steal and layup by Yadwinder

Gopal: DUNK!! On the offensive end, India again scores through Amritpal

Gopal: Yadwinder absolutely an irritant on defense. He keeps waving his hands in the face of the opponent, and manages to knock the ball off. Nepal though manage to retain possession by the skin of their teeth.

Gopal: Fan Question from Mudit: Can we see box scores? Unfortunately not yet. We’re working on it. The half time score is 61-13 as we head into the third quarter.

Gopal: Smiles also seen on the faces of India Assistant Coach Jora Singh. India’s Strength Coach Zak is satisfied as well but cautions “Lots of things we still need to work on.” I guess the work never stops

Gopal: Indian’s Rikin can be seen smiling now as he takes his half time shots. The young Loveneet Singh is seen warming up as well. Will he get to see some action in the second half?

Gopal: The Afghanistan men’s team can be seen following this match from the sidelines. There are just three teams in this year’s SABA: India, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Gopal: You have to feel for the Nepal team here. They are thoroughly out of depth here. I guess climbing Mt Everest might seem an easier task for them today, than trying to beat this formidable Indian team

Gopal: I get question number two from Zeddy. Who has been the best performer from India in the first half? Easy answer that: India’s centre Amrit Pal. He’s been an absolute beast on the offensive end. But from a larger perspective, credit must go to India’s team defense. It has restricted Nepal to just 12 first half points.

Gopal: Nepal misses both its freethrows. Half time scores, 61-12. How can Nepal make a comeback in this game? That’s the question for the second half, as the Indian team heads into their locker room.

Gopal: Sambhaji called for a holding foul. Doesn’t matter, as India still score two quick fast break buckets through Vishesh. Scores 61-12

Gopal: Zeddy asks us if India can hit the 100 point mark. I say why not! India lead 55-12 with 1 minute left in the half!!

Gopal: Smothering defense!! Nepal is called for the 24 second shot clock violation, as they are unable to make inroads on the offensive end

Gopal: Amrit Pal’s strategy in this game has been simple. Score off the offensive rebounds. He is either making the shot or else going to the line and scoring from there

Gopal: Amrit Pal with another offensive board! He seems a foot bigger than the Nepali player guarding him.

Gopal: Amrit Pal again scores! India is playing smart here. They are not settling for outside shots against the obviously smaller team.

Gopal: No look pass by Vishesh from the top of the key. He finds Yadwinder for the effortless baseline drive in.

Gopal: The winds are all blowing India’s way here in the first half. I mean this metaphorically, of course. The match is being played at the top class tyagaraj indoor facility.

Gopal: AND 1!! The unassuming looking Phillip drives from the right, hangs, is fouled and converts the basket. Makes the solitary free throw as well.

Gopal: SLAM DUNK! Amrit Pal is dominating in this game, gets a powerful right hand sledgehammer in transition.

Gopal: Amrit Pal is again sent to the line. Has no trouble knocking down both freethrows. Scores 42-10 with 4:30 remaining.

Gopal: India have made some substitutions now. The veteran Sambhaji Kadam is in. He is supported by Vinay Kaushik, Amrit Pal, Amjyot and Phillip.

Gopal: Nepal finally score, off a drive in from the right baseline. Time out called. Still huge India lead 37-10 with 5:37 remaining in the second quarter.

Gopal: Nepal havent yet scored in the second quarter. A two pointer attempted from the right elbow bounces off the rim. On the other end Joginder finds the defense napping and drives all the way in for 2 points.

Gopal: Another Nepal turnover. They try a cross court pass which is easily intercepted by the huge Amritpal. Amrit then passes to Joginder who does a side pass to Vinay Kaushik. Vinay drives in for the athletic layup.

Gopal: Nepal however, have nothing to offer on offense and cant score. On the next possession, Joginder knocks down a long three from the left 45.

Gopal: Second quarter action begins. Nepal has come out aggressive here. India unable to score despite numerous passes. Cant find any opening. Amjyot turns the ball over

Gopal: First Quarter has ended. Vishesh’s shot at the buzzer from the right hand baseline clangs off the rim. India 24, Nepal 8.

Gopal: LET THE DUNKS BEGIN! next possession, another India fast break. Joginder dishes to Rikin who runs in for the two handed slam dunk

Gopal: Nepal unable to get the ball into the interior. Another Nepal turnover. Joginder immediately goes on the offensive, and gives a no look pass to Amjyot who turns the ball over.

Gopal: Forward Rikin Pethani at the line. Makes both freethrows. India open up huge first quarter lead with 1:20 left

Zeddy: Good to see that it’s working well!

Gopal: Yadwinder Singh is an absolute beast on defense, smothering his man and securing all boards. “India’s high energy bar” as Hoopistani calls him, seems to be at his best today!

Zeddy: Coach Flemming focused mainly on defense when he took over

Gopal: Next possession, Vishesh scores again! This time off an offensive putback after Vinay misses easy bucket

Gopal: Vishesh scores!! easy fast break after Vinay Kaushik secures the defensive rebounds and lobs it ahead to Vishesh

Gopal: BANG!! Joginder gets beautiful feed in transition from Vishesh. Knocks down three. India’s score double that of Nepal. 16-8.

Gopal: Joginder, no. 11 drives all the way through but drops the ball off to nobody in particular. India turns the ball over.

Gopal: India opting to start off with an aggressive man to man defense. They push the ball up and lob it in to Rikin who mises the baseline jumper.

Gopal: Nepal thoroughly undersized in this game. Amrit Singh, no 10 grabs another offensive rebound and is fouled. He’s at the line, but misses both. India 13, Nepal 8.

Gopal: Narender’s basket is followed by Vishesh’s corner jumper. On the next possession Narender scores again from the corner off a beautiful drive in and kick off by Yadwinder. India up 8-3.

Gopal: Narender drives baseline for the easy layup, after India grab offensive rebound through Vishesh.

Gopal: India start with guards Joginder, Narender and Vishesh and Amjyot and Yadwinder in the post

Gopal: Live action just moments away. Both teams have been introduced to the sparse crowds. Refs have whistled for the starting five to line up for the opening tip-off!
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